Horse Chariot Tours

Horse Chariot Tours:

A totally New & Unique adventure offered, only at the Ranch du Cheval d'Or. 

Come & Roll like the Roman's, did in our specially designed "Chariots."

This activity will transport you through time to days of  "Emperors and gladiators"

For those lighter in frame 150 lbs or less, we offer the chance to "Promenade" with one of our adorable Pony's (miniature horses), or for those a little more "solid," one of our ex race-horses, will easily take you through our mountainous trails.

Standing required for the duration of activity.

Opportunity for couples or adults  (12 and over) to ride together. Must be a minimum of 15 to drive

Solo chariot options available

Everyone over 15 may experience driving our horses if they desire

Drivers will learn a new skill of  "reining" in their horse, along with with the manoeuvres required to navigate our exciting trails

Children 8-11 yrs will drive with guide.

Option also available for adult to be "chauffeur" driven in "chariot" by guide

Our "chariots" easily convert from wheels to skis, to allows us to present this exciting activity all year long !

Balance and co-ordination are required to drive our "chariots"

Feel free to bring your own "Roman costumes"


  • The promenade takes a minimum of 1 hr passing through private trails on  forested & lake filled lands.
  • Possibility of viewing the numerous wildlife species (Moose, Deer, Coyote, Fox etc) that inhabit our territory.
  • Upon arrival take several minutes to warm up around our cozy & central fireplace, before heading off on your adventure.
  • Of course you will be given a simple & clear briefing - on the joys of "chariot-driving".
  • The activity includeds a chance to visit one of the largest kennels in Québec & Home to over 250 "Real Siberian Huskies" - as well as a chance to say "Bonjour" to the rest of our Ponys & Horses.
  • Please be dressed for an "outdoor activity". 


  • Persons aged 65 and over or with reduced physical mobility will ride with a guide.
  • It is important to inform us of any health issue that may impair your ability to undertake this activity.
  • Pregnant women may not participate on this activity.


May 2023